Monday, February 22, 2010

Lamp Makeover and My First Giveaway!

I'm participating in DIY day at ASPTL
and Trash to Treasure at Reinvented

I showed you this in my craft area makeover post:

Now I'm back to tell you how I did it!

Here is this lamp's humble beginning:

My sister got her for free and passed her along to me several years ago (thanks, Chrissy!).

She was crying out for a makeover (the lamp, not my sister!), so first I unscrewed the lampshade and spray painted the base black.

Then after reading these instructions on making a lampshade slipcover on I cut a piece of burlap a little wider than the height of my shade and a roughly twice as long as the circumference of the bottom of the shade. I acordian folded the burlap (which was really easy because burlap can be finger pressed almost as easily as paper!)

Then I threaded a large needle with one strand of burlap fiber that I pulled from the edge of another piece. I pushed the needle through all the layers of the folded burlap a little less than an inch from the top and tied it off. I did the same to the bottom. Then I placed the almost complete lampshade "slipcover" on top of the shade and it looked like this...

um, not exactly what I had in mind. I decided at this point that the shape of the existing shade was just not working.
That was when I remembered that I had this frosted glass ceiling fan shade:

It was in the front hall closet when we moved into our house. I took off the old shade and added this in its place. Then I decided to abandon the accordion fold and opted instead to gather the top and bottom by pulling both ends of one strand of the burlap a half inch or so in from the top and bottom edge. Be careful if you try this- sometimes the strand will break and you have to start over. Maddening.

Next I spread the gathered burlap panel around the shade, glued the "seam" in the back and adjusted the gathers.

much better.

I used some fabric scraps to make a layered rosette and hot-glued it all in place till it looked like this!

she may be too cutesy for some, but I love her- especially above my craft table.

In other news- I broke 100 followers today! I'm so stinkin' excited!!

To my existing followers: I don't think I've said so before, but I just love you guys! You have no idea how much it means to me that there are people out there who actually want to see what I'm doing. I am so honored that you have chosen to follow purely because you saw something here that you liked. I love reading each of your comments- they make my day! I am so encouraged by your presence here. And so, I think it's time for my first giveaway. In order to reward my existing followers and to encourage some new friends to join the ranks (the few, the proud!) I'm hosting a giveaway for all followers.

Now on to the prize. I used to have an ebay store and sold items that I personalized with my embroidery machine. At some point I bought a slew of aprons to embroider and sell but then life got too busy and I forgot about them. That was quite a while ago. I found a huge sack of them while cleaning out my craft and sewing supplies recently. So, here's the prize. One apron of your choice embroidered with a name or monogram.

I just took this photo really quickly and it's not the greatest, but it at least gives you an idea...

The aprons are quilted 100% cotton, they're roomy, completely adjustable, have a pocket in front and a scalloped hem. You can choose from three colors. We'll call the one on the left butter (pale butter background with burgundy/rose floral), the one in the center pink (cute cottage rose print, reverses to smaller print in same colorway) and the one on the right blue (pale yellow background with blue flowers, reverses to light blue stripe). Gentlemen (I know there are a few of you- welcome!!)- I also have one plain black canvas apron and I'm sure we can come up with something sufficiently manly to embroider if you win!

Now the rules!

If you are related to me by blood or marriage or have otherwise known me more or less since birth, I'm sorry but you are disqualified (but call me and I'll make you one! Geesh!)

To show my appreciation for friends both old and new I'll give away two aprons, one to an existing follower and one to a new follower.

If you currently follow my blog, leave me a comment telling me you're an old friend. If you don't currently follow, sign up as a follower and then leave me a comment here telling me you are a new friend. That's all! 1 entry per person please.

I will draw the winner Friday night, 9:00 pm EST time.



  1. Congratulations on being followed by 100 fans! I am not sure if I'm a new old reader or an old new reader; I added your beautiful blog to my Google Reader feed earlier today.
    I admire the way you cherish your home through using your talented hands and creative nature.

  2. I'm an old follower and just adore that pink one in the middle.

    I love you lamp make over. I just love the whole room (area) make over. Great job!

  3. Yay for 100, Pam! It took me ages to get to 100...this is great. :) I'd love to win an apron!

    And I love your "cutesy" lamp. :)

  4. Hurray for hitting 100...I'm an old follower:) and I LOVE the blue it!

    Also love the lamp MIL has that exact lamp...maybe next time I am at her house I will have to make it over for her:)

    Thanks for always sharing all your wonderful skills and talent!

  5. Woo hoo! 100 followers! I am a newbie follower of just a few days but love your blog - was fun to go through the past entries!

    We do alot of entertaining as part of our ministry so an apron would be a welcomed gift in this home!


  6. Damn, I guess I lose my entry on the relative card. *sigh* But really I'm the winner for having such an awesome cousin :) Okay, done being schmaltzy. I actually think that is a project I can handle. I have a pretty beat lamp in my living room that this could snazz up. Weekend project perhaps.

  7. Thanks for the tutorial on how to make the adorable lamp shade. I am an old friend....and would love a chance to win one of your beautiful aprons!!

  8. I love the lampshade. I am a follower already and I'd love to have some new aprons. Enter me into your contest!!

  9. Hi Pam,

    I am your newest follower. Congratulations on your 100+ followers and the aprons are adorable. My favorite is the middle one with the small roses.

    Making a burlap shade is on my long to-do list. Yours turned out really cute.

  10. I'm an old follower and I'd love a monogrammed apron.

    I never in a million years would have guessed that your burlap covered lamp was the same as the one your sister gave to you.

  11. Ooo, me likey! I just realized I hadn't signed up to now I'm a new follower!

  12. I have been following your blog for a couple months and get so excited when I see a new post. I am working on a black burlap "valance" to go under my kitchen sink! Happy Sewing! Jenn

  13. Hi! I'm a new (ish) follower and love your projects. The aprons are beautiful and I'd love to hang one in my kitchen!

  14. Congratulations on all those followers...isn't it exciting? I actually don't "follow" your blog - I put it on my blogroll and read it nearly every day. So I don't know if I qualify as a "new" follower or an "old" one, but I've been reading for a while and love your crafts and creative ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  15. I am a new follower...THANK YOU REINVENTED!! I would L O V E to have the blue apron! Thank you!!!

  16. Congratulations on 100 Peeps! I'm a follower! I love your lamp makeover, very clever!

  17. I'm a new follower. Your crafts are so cute. I'm glad I found your blog.

  18. I came to your blog in Jan. when you posted how to slip cover a couch. I have still not attempted to do mine but I am getting my nerve up. Thank-you for the opportunity to win one of your aprons.

  19. Hello, nice aprons. Karen

  20. Congratulations from one of your old friends! Butter is my favorite! Keeping my fingers crossed to be a winner for once in my blogging life! Lol! :)

  21. I'm an old follower...would LOVE that rose apron in the center. nice work! Congrats on 100 followers too!

  22. So cool that you reached the 100 mark - congrats! I also stumbled on you from ASPTL and really enjoy your projects :). I'm a new follower and look forward to more.


  23. Oh fun! I'm an "old follower" and love everything about your blog. So happy for you that you broke 100 followers - with your talent, I'm sure you'll add many, many more!

  24. The lamp is adorable--love the burlap shade! congrats on your milestone--I am sure there are many more in your future!

  25. I'm a new friend, and I love all your creative ventures you post about (especially the tutorials with pictures)!
    mrs_apple_juice (at) hotmail (dot) com

  26. I'm a new friend, and happy to be one! LOVE your blog and think the craft room makeover is amazing. Love the lampshade! Amazing what a little burlap can do. I haven't done any burlap yet, but I really want to!

  27. Hi Pam! I'm a new friend and am enjoying your projects. Love it all!


  28. I'm an old-ish friend. I love aprons, especially these beautiful quilted ones!

  29. I'm an old friend - who could use a new apron :)

    And I love the lamp, they always have those lamps at GW - and I always pass them up because they are so awful. Now I'm thinking I should probably grab one at some point.

  30. I just began following your blog a few days ago. I love the cute lamp and an apron is always welcome in my kitchen. yipee...100!

  31. Hi there! I'm a new follower. I'm amazed what you did to that lamp. It doesn't even look the same at all. Great job!

    I'm hosting a link party and would love to have you come over and link this up!

  32. Hi! I am a new follower and I love all the cute projects you do :) I wish I had a craft space as gorgeous as yours! I love the aprons too :) Looking forward to new projects to ogle!

  33. I just found you today, and I love your ideas. Maybe it sounds self-congratulatory, but your projects remind me so much of the many things I made out of nothing when I was first married (long, long, ago!). I'd like to win the butter apron, but your blog in itself is a win! Regards, Kate

  34. Whew! I barely made it in time! Love that lamp!!!! Darling Darling!!!

    Of course I follow you! You are awesome!


  35. I am a follower of your blog!! That lamp redo turned out fab!

  36. Hi there,

    I guess I count as a new follower, but, hey, I was a follower before I read this post. LOL! :)

    Anyway, thanks for the chance to win one of your wonderful aprons. The blue one is just lovely. :)

    Happy creating
    and greetings from Munich,

  37. I am now following your blog. :-)


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