Sunday, February 21, 2010

PB Inspired Bulletin Board

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In my last post I showed you my new sewing/crafting area:

and I gave you a glimpse of this:

now I'm back to tell you all about it! After the PB Knock-Off Party at Homebody last week, I was totally inspired by two bulletin board projects:

this one:

created by Heidi at Vacuuming in High Heels and Pearls

and this one:

created by Becky at Beyond the Picket Fence

Both were inspired by this "Rustic Wall Organizer" from Pottery Barn:

I apologize for not having any "before" pics, but when I realized I had everything I needed on hand (LOVE it when that happens!) I went into a full on 11:30 pm crafting frenzy and it was completed in less than an hour.

Here's what I used:
old corkboard from college (not as big as the inspiration pieces, but fit perfectly above my sewing machine)
Black spray paint
burlap, one piece cut to fit my bulletin board and more to form the pocket
iron-on transfer paper
tacky glue
hot glue
red grosgrain ribbon
picture wire
upholstery tacks
clip rings
images from the Graphics Fairy

First I spray painted the frame of my corkboard (in the bathroom. It worked but I don't recommend it!). My frame was unfinished pine and I didn't prime it, so the wood peaks through a bit, but I decided I kinda like it like that.

While the frame was drying I turned on my iron and printed out my images while it was heating. Then I followed the instructions on the transfer paper and ironed the images onto my burlap.

Next I glued my burlap panel to my cork board (even though the frame wasn't completely dry!) with tacky glue and glued the ribbon around the edges.

To make the pocket at the bottom I measured how long and deep I wanted the pocket to be and then I cut the burlap piece and folded it (burlap finger presses really well which makes it so easy to work with!) like a long skinny brown paper grocery bag- make sense? I hot glued the "seams" together and then hot glued the pocket to the board.

Then I pushed two upholstery tacks into the frame, wrapped some picture wire around them and added the clip rings.


How cute is this vintage dress pattern?! I can't wait to try it! I'll let you know how it goes...



  1. Great project! Your vintage pattern caught my eye and I can't wait for you to make it and show us the end result. I tried to make clothes and pretty much gave up on it.

  2. I love your sewing/craft area, you did a great job! I just found your blog, and I love your ideas. I'm going to follow you. Stop by and visit me sometime.

  3. Oh my gosh- this is a great idea. So glad I found your blog. I know I'll be a regular visitor!

  4. I love your Idea too - thanks for stopping by
    and no I don't mind, it's all about inspiration.
    Have a great day

  5. such great projects, this all looks fantastic, Petra.xx

  6. I've seen several people revamp their corkboards and I have one that I've been wanting to do something with and nothing was really inspiring until this post!!


  7. I love it and I am so glad you were inspired--that is my goal with my blog. Thanks for the link.

  8. Hi Pam,
    This is adorable!! I love the addition of the clips and the little pocket, so cute! Thanks so much for playing along today for "Brag Monday".

  9. I love the images you used and that vintage butterick pattern is the cutest!

  10. I love that neat vintage pattern. I think the style of old clothes patterns like that are so glamorous. :) You did a great job!

  11. I love it - and I really like the graphics you used.

  12. What a great idea! Just love it! :) So glad I found your blog! :)

  13. Pam, I LOVE how it turned out! I'm so tickled that the iron-on actually worked on the burlap, because that just opens up a million possibilities for things you could do, doesn't it? I love how you put the wire across the top with the rings & the upholstery tacks. It's just darling and goes perfectly in your new room. Thanks so much for mentioning me! :)

  14. So cool, I love the pocket on the bottom! Some day when I'm ready for actual patterns, I'll need one of those! :) Glad you linked up, sooo worth the wait!


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