Sunday, February 7, 2010

Pippers and Bunnimins

Just to warn you, this post has absolutely nothing to do with decorating, but if you're up for some random snow day fun and cuteness read on!

We started getting hammered with snow on Friday afternoon ...

and it didn't stop until yesterday evening! We got a total of 28 inches, and there was already about 6 inches of snow on the ground from Wednesday so we're pretty much buried in snow right now. You can't tell in this photo, but my little side porch there is actually several feet higher than the ground and the snow comes all the way up onto the porch. We actually had some trouble opening the front door!

Seemed like the perfect morning for homemade cinnamon buns, or as Jellybean calls them- bunnimins!

I used this recipe which has you make the dough in a bread machine, but if you scroll through the recipe reviews you'll find instructions for making the recipe without a bread machine. Oh- I also followed one reviewers tip and made the dough and assembled the buns the night before. In the morning I just popped them in the oven and frosted them. I don't know about you, but there's no chance my little ones would wait patiently for two hours for their breakfast!

They were yummy.

Seriously yummy.

Here's some gratuitous sweetness...

This little girl LOVES her daddy!

After breakfast it was time to brave the elements.
Jellybean got all suited up, stepped outside for several seconds and then ran back in asking for glasses beacause as she put it- the cold was getting in her eyes.
There, that's better! AWESOME!!

When I asked her what was in her backpack she said, "princess stuff".

there you have it.

I did not venture outside. Instead I started going through my fabric stash and found some cute printed flannel and fleece pieces that my SIL gave me a while back (thanks, Andrea!). Seemed like a good day to try out this pattern to make some slippers for my girls (or as my nearly 2-year-old calls them, "pippers!"). I first traced my girls' feet and figured out how much to enlarge the pattern for each girl. Once I got the pieces cut out, it went really fast.

They are printed flannel on the outside and they're lined in fleece. The soles are a heavy cotton twill. I added an extra layer of fleece to the soles to make them a little warmer and cushier.

I placed the toe pattern piece carefully so that there would be a princess on top of each foot.

They may look upside down,

but to the wearer they are right side up!

Can you tell she put her socks on all by herself?



  1. So cute! I liked this post. :) I think you all got more snow than we did. I promised my girls I'd take them out this afternoon. Yay!

    The cinnamon buns look amazing. I have a bread machine--I'll have to try this one.

    Love the slippers!!! They are adorable. Your girls are such cuties. :)

  2. Good grief! You really got pounded with snow your way.

    Those slippers are adorable!!

    I've really got a craving for cinnamon buns after looking at your pictures. Mmmm!

  3. Ditto...we're Skins fans here, but the hubs has begrudgingly chosen to cheer for the Colts, so that's what I'm doing too. I guess Peyton Manning is pretty cute. ;)

  4. The snow is so pretty! But Im in Florida & dont have to deal with it like you guys do!

    Cute slippers!!

  5. Great post! It's days like these that make family life so enjoyable! Loved the backpack full of "essentials" know...Princess stuff!

  6. Look at all of that snow!!! Those cinnamon rolls look soooo yummy!!! I love seeing your family posts, it's fun to get to know bloggers by seeing a real side of them too!

    Cute family! Love the slippers


  7. You should totally go back and see if they have the set. I love little child-size tables and chairs. :)

  8. I love this! So darn cute. That's a crazy amount of snow. We're supposed to be more here tonight!

  9. Love Julianne's snow outfit. Princess stuff is important for all outdoor activities.

  10. Wow! Our snow is nothing in comparison!
    Cinnamon rolls look yum, and the slippers are seriously cute!

  11. That is priceless! "Princess stuff". When my daughter was little she decided her name was going to be "Sparkle Princess" and she refused to answer to anything else. Little girls are precious, aren't they?


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