Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sewing Machine Cover Tutorial

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After showing you this the other day I've gotten a couple of requests for a sewing machine cover tutorial.

This is actually a really simple project. There are only three pieces of fabric and two seams. Mine was particularly easy because the machine I made the cover for came with a soft sided clear vinyl cover, so I just used it as a pattern. I literally just turned the cover on its side on top of my fabric, traced around it with my disappearing ink pen (love that thing!) and cut out the side pieces. The main piece is one big rectangle that goes up and over the machine like a tent. I just measured and cut out a rectangle the same size.

If you don't have a soft cover to work from, you can still do this.
  1. For the sides, hold a sheet of paper (you may have to piece 2 together) against one side of your machine and trace around the side adding 1/2 inch for the seam allowance. If both sides of your machine are not mirror images of each other, make sure you trace the larger side.
  2. Use this as a pattern to cut two side pieces (if your side piece is not symmetrical, make sure you flip it for the second piece!).
  3. Now measure around the sides (but not the bottom) of this piece.
  4. Cut one large rectangle the length of the measurement you just took by the width of your machine plus 1 inch (for a 1/2 inch seam allowance). This will be your main piece.
  5. Stitch one side piece along each long side of your rectangle.
  6. Hem the bottom or finish the bottom edge with ribbon as I did. You're done!
I also added a monogram to my cover using my embroidery machine. I know not everyone has access to an embroidery machine, but you could still add a monogram by either stenciling it onto your cover or by printing a monogram onto iron-on transfer paper (make sure to print it out in reverse!) and ironing it onto your cover.

BTW- does anyone notice anything a little nutty in this photo? My husband knew the spray paint fumes had gotten to my head when he noticed...

Let's look a little closer, shall we?

I prettied up my tape dispenser. Cuz' sometimes I just. can't. stop. In case anyone out there is as nuts as me, here's how to do it. Just pop it open, pull out the the little cardstock thingy and trace it onto scrapbook paper or a fabric scrap and snap it back together.



  1. Lol! No, I didn't notice the first time, but it's super cute!

  2. Raising hand!! I noticed!! Do I get a gold star? ;)

    You really do a great job with tutorials. :) I might save this project for this summer. I have a soft vinylie cover for my machine too...but it's not PRETTY!

  3. Your sewing machine cover is so pretty and the monogram adds the perfect touch.

    Now I want to pretty up my tape dispenser after seeing yours!

  4. Brilliant idea! I have one of those plastic covers, too...I'll have to give this a try! :) PS: Looooove the tape dispenser! You are one crafty lady! :)

  5. Wonderful Idea !!! One of my machines does not have a cover-thought that was this would be fun...thanks for sharing

  6. Do you have any suggestions for a cover for my embroidery/sewing machine? I like to keep the embroidery unit attached but any sewing patterns don't extend to cover the attached unit.


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