Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Hello Old Friend!

Hello Friends! It's been almost exactly five years since I last posted on this little blog.  I'm going to attempt a little recap...

 When last I wrote I was on bedrest, anxiously awaiting the arrival of our twin boys.  Here I am a couple of days before they were born...

Jimmy and Johnny (named after their grandpas) were safely delivered at 37 1/2 weeks and got to come home with me 2 days later without going to the NICU!  Their big sisters were thrilled!

 We started feeling a little too cozy in our townhouse, so we built a new house! We moved in June 2015.

I've been busily painting, sewing, and building ever since and I have lots to share with you!
Christmas 2016

Easter 2016
Easter 2018

No more babies to announce, but this little girl joined the crew last December!

I'm looking forward to sharing our new home with you!
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