Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pimp My Craft Table!

For the past few days my hubby has been on a business trip in sunny FL. I know, poor, poor bunny. While he was away it snowed. Again. And I did what any self-respecting momma would do in my position- I pimped my craft table!

Here is the embarrassing before:

Aside from being an utter mess, the biggest problem was that I have and use three different sewing machines- a regular machine, a serger and an embroidery machine- and they didn't all fit on my little desk/vanity, so I was constantly having to shuffle them around to sew.

I fixed that problem by risking life and limb to pick this up in the middle of snowmageddon:

a pretty drop leaf dining table that I scored on CL for $25! I LOVE it because it's dining table size with both leaves up, but with both leaves down it's a sofa table size which means it fits in my "Sewing Studio" (aka narrow hall in the basement). The best thing about it aside from the fact that it's long enough for all three machines is that I can open just the front side to give me more space when I'm sewing and then put it back down when I'm done.

Once I got the table home and in place I lifted up the dropleaf and found this:

It's Hitchcock! I did some investigating online and the details of this particular stamp mean it was made after 1946, so it's not an antique, but still a much nicer table than I thought I was getting for 25 dollars.

And here it is all decked out. Ahem.


I finally jumped on the burlap bandwagon (can I just say I love working with burlap?!) and skirted the table with burlap trimmed in ribbon. I love, love, love it because it gives me so much concealed storage space. I can hide all manner of craft junk under the table (I have two big plastic drawer units full of sewing and crafting supplies under there) and since I lift up the dropleaf to work here all the stuff hidden behind the skirt remains undisturbed! Woot!!

In case anyone is curious about the red shelf/ribbon storage thingies here's their before shot:

I spray painted them with Krylon's Cherry Red. In the snow. Cuz I'm nuts. It looks like we were hunting wild game in our backyard. After the paint dried I hung them and put dowels through the open part in the side to hang ribbon. Easy-peasy.

Here's my sewing machine poised for action:

my netbook poised for action:

I posted about my PB inspired stretched canvas artwork and Spool Hooks in my last post- here are some sneak peaks of some of the smaller projects within this makeover that I'll be posting about over the next few days:

Monogrammed Sewing Machine Cover

Cutie-patootie Gathered Burlap Lamp

Sewing Themed Burlap Bulletin Board

In completely unrelated news, I get to go out with this guy tonight!!!

Okay, so my husband will be there. Oh, yeah and hundreds of other people, but I know he's really just singing to me.



  1. Yay you. I'm not worthy but I have to say I admire a woman who sets her mind to something... snowmageddon or no snowmageddon and gets it done. I have never done the Craig's List thing but I paint furniture so it is really a natural that I need to explore.

    Love how you did the table skirt thing making everything look all clean and neat and yet you did it without making it look cutesy. Nice job

  2. Very cool, love the sewing machine cover, I should definitely figure out how to do that, so much cute than the one mine came with.

  3. Wonderful work the burlap!! Have a wonderful time with your "date" tonight! ;o)

  4. What a beautiful space you have created. That table is perfect! I adore your ribbon shelves.
    Where can I find those antique sewing images?

  5. Aww ~ it looks fabulous! Someday I would love to have a crafting area! Our rental cabin is way to small, but maybe once I get unpacked and organized I can make a space in the mud room. The sewing machine covers are so yummy! You should open an Etsy shop to sell them and I'll be your first customer. :)

  6. This looks great! I'm coming out of lurking to say "hello" and I love all of your creative ideas. I have a chair that I'm working up the courage to slip cover, using some of your ideas. Keep it up!

  7. Awesome job! Great find at an awsome price. I love the ribbon idea. I have a couple little shelves that would work for ribbon. Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. Oh, girl, you are sooooo getting featured tomorrow on my Friday bloggy thing. ;) Love this!!! I so wish you lived next door so we could do crafty stuff and let our kids eat goldfish crackers and make a mess. ;)

  9. Nice job! You'll enjoy working there so much more now!
    I just realized that I've sent you email replies to comments you've left me, but you don't have your email listed, so I don't think you got them!
    I'd like to feature you this coming Monday on my feature thingy (still need a name) if you'd like. Email me at holly (at) craiganderson (dot) net.

  10. LOVE IT! LOVE IT! I love the cute burlap lamp. It is PRECIOUS!

    I'm totally jealous that you get to go see Harry tonight! Have enough fun for all of us!

  11. Love your sewing area. :-) So cute.

  12. It looks great! And, hey, its cold here in Florida right now!

  13. Pam, What a great solution to a frustrating problem. And it looks so beautiful, neat and tidy! What could be better. I think I need an embroidery machine, is that how you monogrammed that lovely sewing machine cover? Yes, I do need one. Thanks for leaving a sweet comment on my blog today, appreciate it! Cindy s.

  14. The room looks great! I have to organize my art supplies but just keep putting it off as it will be quite a lot of work. Thanks for inspiring me!


  15. your blog is just darling so glad I just found you! We have the same background paper so I know I'm gonna like what I find as I peruse more. On this post - I just love the table skirt you made & the lampshade cover - oh my!

  16. I'm brand new (seriously, clueless!) to sewing but have a nice new sewing machine and want to make a simple cover for it since my craft space gets really dusty (I make custom wood blocks and do some sanding inside when it's cold out). Any ideas on something even a sewing rookie can do? Yours looks SO awesome! BTW - total SCORE on the table!!! I'm SO jealous!!!


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