Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Baby Evelyn's Nursery

My Big Bro, Jim, and SIL, Andrea, recently purchased a new house and had their 4th child. I was so excited when Andrea enlisted my help with the nursery. She wanted to reuse the bedding from her first daughter and mostly just wanted a little help choosing colors and accent fabrics. Here's what we came up with (sorry for the terrible photo quality!)

The little port-a-crib is on loan from me until baby Evelyn's big sis is done with the full size white crib which will eventually take its place.

This bedding was our jumping off point:

it has virtually every pastel color you can think of in it somewhere. Andrea wanted to go with a green on the walls so that the nursery would remain gender neutral in case baby Evelyn ever has a little brother. I know it's impossible to tell in these photos, but the paint color is really pretty. I can't recall the name right now, but I'll ask Andrea if anyone is interested. It's a perfect light green for a nursery. Neutral, not to dark, not too blue, not too yellow.

I think the window treatments turned out so cute! Andrea made the pelmet box using Jenny's instructions on LGN with this cute pink bamboo print fabric we picked out. I'm so in love with this fabric!

Andrea found the drape panels on super sale from PBK

I love how this little decal looks, but we were a little disappointed with it originally because it was supposed to be much larger.

Here's the misleading photo on the website we selected it from:

even if that's a toddler sized bed in the photo, that decal looks much larger than the one Andrea received. The finished product still looks super cute though.

Andrea made these sweet butterflies with some foam core scraps leftover from the pelmet box and SBP.

And I made a cute and comfy slipcover for her rocking chair cushions from green minkee dot fabric.

Andrea made this adorable hook name plaque with SBP and modge podge:

You know, Andrea, for someone who claims not to be crafty, girl, you sure are crafty!!



  1. So cute!
    I love the pink bamboo fabric and the decal, but yikes! that is a very misleading image they used to advertise :)

    Great job!

  2. So cute! I really love everything about it...can't pick just one thing...

  3. Evelyn's nursery is so cute. I love the special touches added to personalize it.

    That website photo certainly is misleading. There's no way that what you received is the same thing as the photo on the website.

  4. Thanks Pam - Evelyn is lucky to have you as her designer Auntie!

    The decal was ordered from decal delights off of Etsy and did not respond to any complaints/concerns about the decal.

  5. What a darling nursery! You girls are a good team--and what a wonderful space you created for baby Evelyn! Good job!

  6. I love it!! Smart to go with the green walls. I don't know what we'll do with the green, pink, and cream striped walls in Natalie's room if we ever have a boy. :s I can't believe how misleading the decal site was...it's still lovely, but certainly not what you ordered. The room looks great. :)

  7. Bad deal with the decal... a few months ago I looked around for some vinyl decals for my bed room. I ended up having to just paint what I wanted up on my wall since they all were to small for what I needed. Yours is still cute!

  8. What a beautiful room! I have a vinyl business & have noticed that several sellers on Etsy photoshop an image of the decal onto a picture but don't pay attention to sizing. So misleading!

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