Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Price My Space

First off- Seriously, Mom, look away! I'm about to tell the whole world how cheap I am!

Okay, today I'm participating in the Price My Space Party at Nesting Place.

Here's my living room. I wrote about it in two of my last three posts. It's not "done" yet (I don't think it ever will be, where's the fun once it's done?) but I'll price what I've done so far.

  1. Vintage Robert Furber Gardiner prints. Craigslist, $15 for all three. I've repainted the frames and mattes twice, but I'm still not sure about them. Post to come...
  2. Set of four butterfly plates, $5 at a flea market near my in-laws in Lebanon, PA.
  3. Window treatment, I posted about it here $25
  4. White Chinese Chippendale chairs, hand-me-downs from my mom (thanks, mom!) free!
  5. Little flip-top table between chairs, CL, $20
  6. Huge Karastan Rug, CL, $50
  7. Coffee Table, CL, $20. It's constantly covered in little fingerprints and I want to protect it so I'm thinking of making a removable upholstered top for it. Post to come...
  8. Sofa, CL, free! Homemade slipcover, $20 in fabric. Post Here
  9. Monogrammed blue/olive animal print bolster pillow- I bought a box of fabric scraps froma "real" designer on CL for $10. There were some awesome pieces in there, including the fabric for the bolsters, the little pillows on the chairs and lots more to come...I monogrammed the bolsters on my embroidery machine.
  10. Sofa, purchased on CL for $200. Posted about it here
  11. ??? I have no idea why I put two numbers on one sofa?
  12. Library table, CL, $40
  13. Pair of lamps. I bought these at Great Finds and Design, an awesome local furniture consignment store/design group (so they only consign great pieces) for $37 each. That included a shade, but I replaced it with these shades which I purchased at Target for $19 each. I think I got the shape right, but they're blending in with the wall, so I have plans for them, coming soon...
  14. Demilune table, CL, $50
  15. Little white lamp, CL, $5. I added the shade for $9 and trimmed it out.

This picture is awful, but for pricing purposed it'll do...
  1. Lamp, TJMaxx on clearance $29
  2. Wingchair, hand-me-down from my mom's friend (Thanks, Carol!) I slip covered it with this pretty fabric I got for $3/yard (My Joann's is huge and they frequently have 50% off the home dec clearance fabrics!). Post to come...
  3. Oh, this one might be my favorite. It's hard to see all the pretty details in this pic, but she has the prettiest fretwork, sigh. I got her for $100 on CL. I attempted to line the inside with wrapping paper and it did not work out so well. The sheen of the paper makes the color look much brighter than it is, and the sheen also makes every little bump and ripple show. I'm thinking I'll paint, wallpaper or line with fabric instead. Also, I think I have too much going on up top. What do you think? Post to come...
  4. Same Library Table as in #12 above.

That's it! Let's see, that comes to a grand total of (drumroll.....)


Woo-hoo! Most people spend more than that for one sofa!

Man, I love craigslist.



  1. I really, really like this room. You have put everything together in such a comfortable manner. Good eye, good taste. Did I mention that I really liked it?

  2. Now that is some good shopping! Your mom should be proud! I particularly like the sofa slip cover...enjoy your space! Janell

  3. Show off!! I could use your shopping skills. Love the tranquility of your room!


  4. looks great and you have amazing shopping skills. Love your background! :)

  5. Wow, I'm really impressed! I love that sofa you got for free & I love the new slipcover - it looks so expensive! And those chippendale chairs your mom gave you are so pretty! Great job!
    You may know this already since you're an expert "craigslister", but I just found a new plugin that lets you see photos in your search results on craigslist. I just posted about it on my blog if you're interested!

  6. Your room is lovely! Your not cheap - your thrifty!

  7. I love those chairs! And that slipcover is amazing.

  8. Pam, I love your blog! :) This is a great room...so much more my style than what I have now. ;) Do you do anything special to keep little ones from messing up your pretty couches? Visiting from The Nester's party. :)

  9. Love the blog, love the room, love everything! You certainly have that magic touch - I cannot wait to see what else you have up your wand!

  10. I love the colors...very calming. And I love the window valance, I will have to check out that post!


  11. It's lovely and sophisticated and what a great total price! Bargains are the best!

  12. beautiful room and price. looks like a beach cottage

  13. I love your room. you did a fantastic job on those slipcovers. I have Lee sofas as well with red slipcovers that I am dying to lighten up. You must do a tutorial!

  14. Pam- You are an amazing seamstress! Those slipcovers are awesome. I love how you decorated your livingroom- it looks so light and airy and peaceful. I am inspired.

  15. Miss Pam, there is an award for you on my blog. :)


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