Monday, August 10, 2009

My Very First Post

So you've probably guessed by my blog title that I enjoy a good cinderella story. Okay, that's putting it mildly. The truth is that I've been fascinated with the idea of Cinderella since I first viewed the disney version on the big screen when I was five. I think it was the first movie I saw in the theatre and I remember being awetruck with the beauty of the backdrops.

Okay, I know it's a cartoon, but I loved the Chateau that Cinderella lived in. I loved the beautiful formal spaces with marble tiled floors, large-scale wallpaper, rich fabrics, high celings, swooping banisters, curvy furniture pieces.

I was equally entranced with the idea of Cinderella's tower bedroom. Hidden away from the rest of the house, the rest of the world. Sparsely furnished with cast-off furniture and well-worn bedding it was her own secret world where she was completely free to be herself, to dare to dream that her life could be so much more.

Almost a year ago, I was absolutely tickled pink to show the movie to my little girl. She loved it, of course, and instantly decided she had to be Cinderella for halloween. I was all to happy to oblige. She loved this costume so much that it became her daily uniform. She introduced herself as "Princess Cinderella" to people in the grocery store.

The costume came with a magic wand, which is funny because Cinderella never picks up a magic wand in the story, the fairy godmother does. She liked the idea of carrying it around, but at some point she asked me how it worked. I picked up the "magic" wand, pointed it at her and proclaimed, "POOF! You're cute!... Hey, it worked!" She giggled hysterically and then began "poofing" various things in the house, the cat, her baby sister, her dolls... all the while imagining her magical transformations.

Now we use the term "poofing" to describe anything that has been improved upon:
"Mommy, your hair looks pretty today." "Thanks, I poofed it" (she says while mimmicking a magic wand to her head)
"This dinner is yummy!" "Thanks, I poofed it"
"Whoa, what a mess, somebody really needs to poof this kitchen"

You get the idea.

I'm extremely blessed to have a wonderful husband who works really hard so that we can live in a lovely home and I can stay home with our beautiful little daughters. I'm all too happy to do my part in stretching those hard-earned dollars by "poofing" things for our home rather than spending a fortune on new furnishings. I love transforming things I already own, items I got for free or nearly free to change my home into the magical place I've envisioned.

Most of us don't have endless means to create the homes of our dreams, nor do we have fairy godmothers, hired or otherwise to do it for us. But, it is my firm belief that with a little faith in oneself, some creativity, and some elbow grease anyone can make great improvements in their surroundings without spending much. It is my goal with this blog to show you what inspires me, and to share with you all of my "poofings" for better or worse, to inspire you to be your own fairy godmother!


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