Sunday, August 23, 2009

Thrifty Treasures- Midnight Madness!

No, this kind of midnight madness has nothing to do with pumpkins and glass slippers (although it does involve a pretty fab pair of ballet flats!). I'm talking midnight madness at goodwill, y'all!! Woot!!

I recently discovered that my local goodwill has a "midnight madness" sale once a month and I went last Thursday night. They were offering everything in the store at 50% off from 8pm til midnight. It was NUTS!!

I figured if I got there at 7:45 I'd have 15 minutes to shop around and then I could pay after 8:00. The only problem with my little plan was that the sale was so popular that when I pulled up to the building I couldn't find a parking space! When I made it inside there was already a line of people, merchandise in hand, waiting to pay- and the line wrapped around the entire inside of the store. There were so many bodies packed in there that the temperature was warmer (and muggier- gross.) inside than outside.

I was not deterred.

I was a little bummed beacause as I looked around I could see that a few of the people in line had some great finds. Finds that I would have chosen if I had arrived early enough to get them first. Like the beautiful little sideboard one lady scored for $25 or the i've-been-looking-for-one-of-those-for-six-months folding tray-top serving table another lucky shopper walked away with for $8 or the drop dead gorgeous blanc de chine lamp another woman got for $9!!! ACK!!!
I'm soooo camping out all day next time!!

I did manage to find a few things.

Also, this morning was our annual neighborhood yard sale. I nearly missed it because my wonderful hubby got up with the kids and let me sleep in! Which -I'm sort of embarrased to tell you- I took advantage of until nearly 11:30!! I did find a few things there as well.

I'm linking in to the Thrifty Treasures Party with Rhoda at Southern Hospitality.

Here's my loot:

  1. Gold bamboo motif mirror (It's getting a paint job soon- check back for details)- GW- $9

  2. Wooden doll cradle (getting a decoupage treatment)- GW- $2

  3. Silver-plate tray (possible victim #3, haven't decided yet)- GW- $1

  4. White butter keeper crock thingie- GW- $1

  5. Vintage Richard Scarry Storybook- Yardsale- 50 cents

  6. VHS tapes- Charlotte's Web, Peter Pan, The Rescuers- Yardsale-$1 each

  7. Booster Seat (did not come with the accoutrements but Jellybean decided she had to feed bunny as soon as she saw it)- Yardsale- $5

  8. Green child's chair (I don't know anyone named "Brady" so it's getting a paint and/or decoupage treatment soon)- Yardsale- $5

  9. Last, but not least, Brand spankin' new bronze nine west flats- Yardsale- $5

BTW-I thought 5 bucks for the chair and the booster was a little steep for yardsale pricing, but I didn't dicker because these people are my neighbors and I didn't want to be that-cheap-lady-from-the-yardsale!

And the moral of this tale is, of course, the early bird gets the worm, but who wants a nasty old worm when you have the option of sleeping til noon?!



  1. I'll take the sleeping in too. ;) Your husband must be pretty awesome. I haven't slept past 8:15 (unless I was sick or on vacay away from kids) in three and a half years. Yes, that's right.

    The Richard Scary book is so neat....I love his picture books. You have some really good deals on everything! I can't wait to see the makeover(s). ;) Thanks for the visit, chickie!

  2. ooh look at that chair!

    great thrifty find for sure!


  3. you still got some great treasures!!! but i know its not the same.

  4. Oh that would be awesome! I wonder if my Goodwill does anything like that. I have never even been there! Its on the other side of town and I just dont get down that way much.

    But you found some great stuff!

  5. great finds thrifting.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I grew up in MD, but now live in the Midwest. I sure miss the Baltimre area.

  6. i can see it, me, a couple of cocktails and goodwill midnight madness. Sounds like a winning combination!
    seriously, sign me up. I am an avid goodwill shopper.
    hope to see you thursday (we might be swimming at amy's river house!)

  7. Oh yeah, I would have chosen the sleep too! And you still found great stuff. Can't wait to see the makeovers!


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