Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bibbidi Baby Girl Nursery Plans...

My nursery has been sitting empty for nearly the last year and a half since my "baby" transferred herself to a big girl bed at 18 months. I haven't changed a thing since it was her nursery and here's how it looks today:

I still love the bedding for the most part so I'm planning on keeping that but changing the blue gingham dust ruffle and curtains which are looking a little sad to me.

I also have a laundry list of other little projects to freshen up this room, like paint all the trim, wall art, accessories, I think I'm stuck with the berber carpet but I think I'll add a rug to disguise it a bit... and the list goes on...

And I recently purchased a pretty floral tole chandelier on CL. It'll be getting a new paint job and will be hung in the room.

Here's a closeup of the bedding. It's Amy Coe "Three Acre Farm" from Target about one meeellion years ago...

Bumper closeup:

Yesterday this arrived in the mail:

It's a king sheet set from Carleton Varney's collection on HSN. It was on major clearance. I'm planning on turning it into new drapes.

I tucked it into the existing curtain rod so I could see if I liked it and I think I do...

Now I can't decide what to do with the dust ruffle. I could use more of the C.Varney trellis fabric, or maybe one of these:

Waverly Chippendale Fretwork in Mist (look familiar?!)

Premier Prints zig zag

Waverly Lovely Lattice in Lagoon

Which would you choose? More C.V. Trellis? Chippendale Fretwork? Lovely Lattice? ZigZag? Or something different altogether? I'd love to hear your thoughts!



  1. Either the trellis or the first Waverly print. Congrats!

  2. I would go with the same fabric as you are going to make the curtains with :) It looks so pretty against the blue walls & gives a nice pop of color with the red & white, which I love :)

  3. Of the options you selected, I like the Premier Prints Zig Zag. I think that the curtains will provide a lot of "trellis" in the room, so you may want to go for another style for the bedskirt. If you were to choose a different fabric altogether, I would recommend a matelasse. It provides a subtle design without taking away from all of the other beautiful fabric you already have in the room.

    Fabric.com has a few that I like, and they are all pretty inexpensive per yard. These are my favorites




  4. So cute! I would make the bed ruffle the same as the curtains. Any of your choices though are going to be great. SUCH talent!

  5. It's a beautiful room!!!! Love the bedding. :)

  6. I love the zig zag for a crib skirt. I adore the trellis for the drapes, but I think if you use it for the skirt it'll be too much trellis. I think it could be really cute if you re-used the current skirt and updates with a 2 inch band of trellis around the bottom or trimmed it with giant red ball fringe.


  7. I like the Waverly Chippendale Fretwork in Mist. Perhaps you might consider a white eyelet or matellase as mentioned above for dust ruffle as not to compete with the adorable, vibrant crib bumper/linens. Love the giant red ball fringe on the drapes. How ironic, I ordered a complete set in this pattern including lamp and shade approx. 6 yrs ago and unfortunately was never able to use. I hung onto it partly b/c I loved it so much also. Will be able to use soon, though! I also ordered the same, exact white crib and changing table last week before coming across your blog. Tryig to find a vibrant, pretty blue to pull out of the bumper pad for nursery walls (trim/woodwork is white). I saw the one I liked on an original ad pic for this bedding at Target but can no longer find.

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