Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bibbidi Baby Boy Nursery?

I was so sure I was going to have a boy this time... that should have been my first clue. You see, during my first two pregnancies I was also certain I was going to have a boy. But I had two beautiful little princesses.

I'm thrilled to announce that despite my sneaky post title, I'm actually having a third little princess!

But, having months to consider the thought of a baby boy, I couldn't resist planning out how a baby boy's nursery in my home might look. Maybe someone else out there can benefit from my schemin' and dreamin'...

I started by delving into one of my favorite pastimes. Am I the only weirdo who can wile away the hours searching through fabrics online?

I came across this fabric while searching through vintage feedsack fabrics on ebay and thought it would make a great jumping off point for a colorful, vintage-y, chinoiserie/well-traveled nursery. It was inexpensive and it was the only one on ebay, so I went ahead and purchased it.

If you'd like to view other vintage feedsack fabrics on ebay, click on this search.

I thought these two fabrics by Premier Prints would pair nicely with it:

Premier Prints Zig Zag in Corn Yellow available here for 6.95/yd

Premier Prints Togo in Arizon/Denton available here for 9.98/yd

I would use the feedsack fabric for the outside of the bumper (I think there's just enough), Togo for the crib sheet (if it felt soft enough) and the Zig Zag for the crib skirt, trimmed out in orange-y red.

Then while perusing the sale table at a local upscale fabric shop (Alexander Blank in Timonium- if you're local go check it out! Their sale table is great!) I found a 6 yard remnant of this P. Kaufmann Suzani print in chai marked down to $30 and then an additional 50% off! That comes to $2.50/yd! You know I couldn't resist a bargain like that, so I bought the whole piece.

I thought it would make great drapes with a shade made from the Togo print, trimmed out in more orange-y red.

And remember this watercolor series? It's been moved all over my house and is currently homeless, but I thought it would be perfect in the nursery...

Here's how I envisioned the room looking...

What do you think?

I still love the bedding I currently have for a little girl, so I'm going to reuse it for this baby, but with a few updates for the room. I'll show you my plan for my little girl's nursery soon!



  1. I think I love you, babe, but your Photoshop skills need work! ;)

  2. Hahaha- don't knock my mad skeelz or I'll make you do it for me next time!!! Smooch!

  3. You could totally do that room for a girl. It doesn't read one gender at all. I LOVE it and that chai fabric is fabulous. You know I'd steal that from you in a heartbeat to reupholster the wing chair in my bedroom. Give it to me!

  4. loving the look! especially the crib details!

  5. so cute! wish I would have been as creative when mine were little. Congrats on the girl!

  6. Congrats! I have 3 little princesses too!!! I thought for sure I'd have a boy for like a nano here is our nursery:

  7. I just came across your blog and I love it!!! What cute ideas. I too have an etsy page and a Silhouette SD. I am obsessed with this machine. I have only tried vinyl but I would love to try the fabric letters.

    Thanks for sharing all your great ideas. Keep them coming!!!

  8. Fabric and laces are available at reasonable prices for making any kind of thing.


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