Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Guest Bath Decorating Dilemma

Today I'm participating in the Decorating Dilemmas party at Serenity Now!

Here's my problem:

My guest bathroom. I have some ideas in mind already to snazz it up a bit, but I need help choosing paint colors for the beadboard (or do I just keep it white?) and the wall above. Since there is virtually no budget to redo this room, I will be keeping the existing tile and fixtures for now. Why do people insist on colored tilework when building houses? Don't they know we will be stuck with said color for a very long time?

I actually don't mind this color (dark teal or peacock), but I hate having the color scheme dictated by the tile.

I found these towels at Target and liked that they had the same peacock color as well as some other warmer colors. When I bought them I thought they would make choosing paint colors easier- just pick two colors from the towels, but now I can't decide! Help!

Here's a closeup of the towels:

The colors are Peacock, creamy white, gray, chocolate brown, camel/tobacco brown, mossy green, and browny burgundy.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!



  1. I think the gray / beige color would look good on the walls. I think I would paint just the walls and leave the beadboard white? In my old house I did not have beadboard but wood paneling in the bathroom - it just went 1/2 way up the walls like that. I painted it a semi glosswhite, it was easy to keep clean too.

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  3. Hi, I'm visiting from Amanda's blog. I like the peacock color; you might be able to make it work with a creamy taupe color above the beadboard and maybe just making the beadboard an eggshell color or something. The all striped towels might be too much at the same time, getting some solid color bath sheets with the smaller hand & face striped towels on top will keep it neutral but also give the bathroom a nice pop of color. Hope it helps!

  4. I love the peacock color. That's the same color as the tiles, right? Why not make them an asset and match the paint to them. It's bold and it makes the tiles look intentional. You can tone it down with neutral accessories and by keeping the beadboard a fresh white.

  5. The original homeowners certainly were "creative" with colors, weren't they?

    I actually think it's gonna be okay b/c that tealish/peacock color seems to be in right now.

    I'l echo Anna and vote for crisp white beadboard...maybe pulling a light gray for the top section of the wall. It would probably make the beadboard pop. :) The color scheme reminds me a bit of Centsational Girl's bathroom redo with the white, gray, and the aqua.

    Have you thought about hanging a tension shower curtain rod a few inches above the shower doors and softening the space with a nice shower curtain? I did that in our downstairs bath and it REALLY helped. :)

    What about spray painting the towel rack chrome? What does the mirror look like? Could the frame be spray painted to match the fixtures?

    You could plan to add some neat open shelves for display or even make some more neat art work for that big wall.

    Add a tray somewhere with some nice toiletries, and you're set.

    I think it's a nice bath. It's bigger than the bath our whole fam has to share upstairs. :s

    Thanks for linking up again, Pam. :) I appreciate that! :)

  6. Those towels are a great find - what a great way to work with the color you've got.

    If it were me, I'd use the grey/beige above the beadboard, and either leave the beadboard as is, or paint it that creamy white in the towels.

  7. I would paint above the bead board. I'm loving the teal color in your towel. I think it would go well with your tile. Can't wait to see what you do with it! Good luck!

  8. Me personally I love bold colors and I would paint the walls that peacock color. I think it would be awesome.

  9. I would keep the beadboard white and paint the wall above the chocolate brown. Brown and blue are perfect together, and I think it would look very designer! With all that teal tile I don't think I'd paint that color on the wall, too...seems like overload to me!

  10. I would go with a beige color for the walls and keep the beadboard white. You can paint tile, they do make paint for that. I don't think the tile on the floor is so bad with just the border, but the tile on the counter is a bit much. I love the towels you have though, what a great color palette to work with.

  11. Go mossy green! it's an awesome color! I think CIndy's mag is on for Christmas. I haven't seen it yet!

  12. Hi, it's me again :-) Just wanted to say thanks for the great tips on my bathroom, I've never seen frosted window clings like the ones in the link you posted, I like that better than spraying something on it. I'll definately be looking for some of those soon. Thanks again & it was nice meeting you. Take care.

  13. I'm visiting from Amanda's.

    I also have beadboard in my bathroom and I have it in my kitchen too. When we moved in EVERYTHING was white! I opted to keep all the beadboard white and paint the wall above.

    We attempted peacock blue in our bath before settling on a mellower color. It was too overwhelming to have such a stark contrast between the two in such a small space.

    For your bath, I would vote to keep the beadboard white and paint the wall mossy green or gray.

    As for the tile, we have tile on the ceiling and the walls of our bathroom (you should check out my link at Amanda's party). It was painted white before we moved in and looks really nice. If you only have the budget for some tile paint, you could paint the counter and buy an area rug for the floor. That would make the room cozier and cover up the tile.

    I also love Amanda's ideas for painting the towel rack and hanging a shower curtain. That could make a huge difference!

    Good luck!

  14. I vote for the tobacco color on the wall (or a dark brown)
    and a white/cream to match the floor on the bead board.
    The peacock tile will accent the brown rather than be the overpowering color of the room... just a thought ;)

  15. I painted it a semi glosswhite, it was easy to keep clean too.

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