Monday, October 5, 2009

Fedex Love

I'm participating in DIY day at Kimba's. Make sure to go check out all the other great projects!

Oh how I love my fedex man!

Last week he brought me this:

Thanks, Boogie! It's a Dell inspiron mini notebook and I love it! It's teeny-tiny and I love being able to blog from anywhere in the house. My old computer was on its last legs and these are very affordable. We got this one for $299!

Mr. Fedex also brought me this fabric I ordered from

I can't wait to start crossing off some of those projects on the right! is great! Their selection and prices are terrific. I bought these aqua and red fabrics for my living room projects. I have no idea what I'm going to use the trellis fabric for but I absolutely love it. It is such a dead ringer for the Kelly Wearstler Imperial Trellis fabric that I had to go to the KWID website and compare to make sure that it isn't the real thing. I bought a total of 12 yards of fabric for $72 including shipping. That comes $6 per yard including shipping! And these are all upholstery weight fabrics!

Oh, and there's one fabric that I used up before I took this shot. I managed to cross one project off my list...



This is a silk taffeta fabric with an embroidered diamond pattern. I had to pleat the fabric to keep the pattern going in the right direction, but I really like the look. It reminds me of the pleated neckline on my favorite dress.

Here's how I did it:

  1. I measured the circumference of the bottom, larger ring of the shade, and cut a piece of fabric a little longer than that circumference and a little wider than the height of the shade. (My circumference was a little longer than the width of my bolt of fabric so I actually pieced two pieces together and hid the seam in a pleat)

  2. Then I carefully peeled off the old fabric from the hard-back shade.

  3. Next I hot glued the long edge of the fabric along the bottom of the shade frame.

  4. Pulling straight up I hotglued the top edge of the fabric to the top rim of the shade frame only between where the pleats would fall (I used the geometric pattern of the fabric to guide the pleat placement)

  5. Using two hands I pinched the extra fabric between the glued spots and pulled them smooth and glued them to the top rim of the frame.

  6. I ran a thin bead of glue all the way around the inside of the top and bottom rims of the frame close to the rims, pressing the fabric into the inside of the rims.

  7. I trimmed any excess fabric from the inside of the shade and glued some white single fold bias tape to hide the raw edges of the fabric on the inside of the frame.

What do you think? I'm debating whether or not to add some trim and whether to paint the lamp base...



  1. Oh what a great weekend filled with lots of goodies!

    I have a mini netbook and I love it. It's not as stylish as your red one, but it gets the job done!!

  2. Love your mini netbook!

    And fantastic job on the shade redo!

  3. Love love love the lamp redo, and your new fabric is gorgeous. It's so much fun when the FedEx man comes to visit. :)

  4. Don't we all need a little verbal sunshine??! ;)

  5. I love fabric guru! That site is awesome. Also, you have a killer sofa. Everything looks great!

  6. Loving your room (I've been following you). I think the lamps look great as is. Would love for you to do a slipcover tutorial too...your couches are amazing.

  7. I really enjoyed looking around your blog! What great ideas!!
    *Eliza’s blog*

  8. Even if the roads seemed endless and the ones that are less traveled by it painstakingly and tenaciously reaches to where you want it to be. No mountains and hills can stop FedEx from giving their clients the delight that they deserve. FedEx Saturday delivery hours


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