Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The new cabinet hardware came yesterday! Well, almost all of the new hardware. There was some kind of problem from the warehouse and I'm short a few handles, but they're working on it...

I went ahead and installed what I could so I could show you...



I added a little silver rub 'n' buff to the hinges so that I wouldn't have to replace them (and so that I wouldn't have to take them all off and rehang the doors!) I'm really happy with the look and it only took a few minutes with a little brush...

I also finally repainted/reupholstered the chinese chippendale armchairs in my living room over the weekend. I'll show you tomorrow!

Have you made any little changes with big impact lately? Do tell!



  1. Looks great! Do you think you could do a tutorial on the rub and buff and the hinges? I'd really like to replace our hardware with chrome or brushed nickel, but the hinges are also brassy and they even have a plastic piece on the sides. :s Did you do the rub and buff on the inside part (like what you see when you open the cabinet) as well?

  2. It's amazing the difference small changes like trading out hardware can make. Since we're currently renting, we haven't been able to make changes to our current place with the exception of curtains and other decorative elements.

  3. Cool, Pam! Those are going to look great with your chairs!

    And what a GREAT idea to use Rub'n'Buff on the hinges! You're so smart. :)

  4. I have experienced the nightmare of removing hinges only to find that the replacements don't fit and need to be redrilled...arrrgh. So glad you came up with a solution to avoid the mess. Great handles!

  5. Thanks for this post. You have me wondering about using this on door handles and knobs. How well would it hold up? Do you think a sealer would also help? Love your new handles!

  6. Rub and Buff on the hinges was a genius move - totally stealing and using it at my parent's house!

    I'm working on a million little projects right now. But this morning I decided I was in a funk and with a little nudging from another blogger I am sprucing up the master bedroom (just little things) already feels so much better. Isn't it amazing what a little project can do?

  7. I see this post was from several years ago, so I have to ask .... how did it hold up on the hinges? I want to try it on my cabinet hinges but only if it doesn't rub off on the hinge/closing part.


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