Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pretty Cabinet Hardware

Hello Loves! First off- thank you all for your feedback on my living room arrangement. I quite agree that the sofa table was too much going on behind the chairs. I moved it and now the room feels much better. I got my mirror "leafed" and hung (I found a ridiculously easy way to silver leaf the mirror- I'll show you soon!) and I'm working on hanging the other items around it. Hopefully I'll be able to show you tomorrow!

I'm also still working on the kitchen window treatments. I thought I had the fabric all figured out and then my BFF offered me some fabric she had left over from a project and I think it may be just the ticket, so I'm waiting for it to arrive (thanks, Becky!)

I'd love to replace my kitchen backsplash, countertops and floor, but in the meantime I'm making some cosmetic changes to freshen up the kitchen a bit.

My cabinets are solid wood and the door design is traditional. I was tempted to paint them, but I can't bring myself to (and couldn't convince my hubby) since there's nothing "wrong" with them. I opted to use Howard's restore-a-finish in a shade darker than they require to richen the wood tone a bit and hopefully tone down any orange-y tones. If you've never used RAF before, it's a miracle product! It's on the shelf at Home Depot, but not Lowe's. You can check out their website for more info.

I wanted to share with you some pretty and inexpensive cabinet hardware I found recently.

I was looking for hardware to replace my early 90's fake brass tone hardware.
I found these on ebay:
Satin Nickel Cabinet Door Drawer Handle Pull Amerock 25

I loved how the design sort of looked like a bamboo reed. They're made by Amerock and they're selling for roughly $2 each and free shipping. I love them but they're slightly too large for my cabinets (3 3/4" CTC instead of the standard 3"), so I had to pass.

Then I found these available here for $1.79 each:

They should be arriving any day...

Have you made any kitchen updates lately?



  1. Love the new pulls! Website looks like a great source. Also interested to see the cabinets with the restorafinish...might work around here in a few places.

  2. I need some of that RAF for my kitchen table...thanks for the heads up. I wasn't looking forward to actually stripping and finishing.

  3. Love the new hardware! I need new stuff for my cabinets too.

  4. Hi Pam, John here from Ron's Home And Hardware. I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for the shout-out and for doing business with us!

    Those bamboo pulls are great, I hope they work out well for you.

    If ever I can be of assistance to you, I hope you'll not hesitate to contact me directly at 650-TOOLBIZ.

    Good luck on your project!


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