Monday, June 7, 2010

Greetings from OBX and fabricguru love

Hello friends! Greetings from Kill Devil Hills NC! I'm on vacation with my family for the next two weeks and enjoying every moment! Sorry I left you hanging for so long, I fully intended to do several posts before I left for vacation, but preparing for our trip was more involved than I realized!

I will hopefully be detailing some changes in my dining room when I return, but until then I thought I'd share some pretty fabrics with you!

I recently tried to help my mom's friend track down a high-end fabric she fell in love with for a better price. The high end fabric was Corbin Opal by Carole and was insanely expensive. It is awfully pretty though...

I did some searching on and came up with some good stand ins for a small fraction of the price. You can click on the photos to see the fabrics on

Mill Creek Raymond Waites Evangeline Printed Linen Blend Drapery Fabric in Seaglass

Braemore Amadore Printed Linenweave Drapery Fabric in Linen $7.95 per yard

Braemore Sans Souci Shabby Floral Print Drapery Fabric in Powder $6.95 per yard

Richloom / Better Homes & Gardens Jayda Printed Cotton Drapery Fabric in Bramble $19.95 per yard- the most expensive of the bunch and a bit more contemporary.

Mill Creek Raymond Waites Amorique - Cliffside Drapery Fabric in Cashew

BTW- if anyone knows of any shopping, restaurants, attractions etc... that I shouldn't miss while I'm here, I'm all ears!



  1. I was just thinking about you yesterday and wondering why you hadn't posted in a while. Gorgeous fabrics...Can't wait to see what you do with them!

    My mom's cottage is in Kill Devil Hills. I wish that we were there this week so that I could meet you! My favorite places to eat are Tortugas Lie, Rundown Cafe, Dare Devil Pizza, OBX brewery, and Tale of the Whale. I hope you have beautiful weather and a great time on your vacation. Where are you staying?

  2. Have fun!!! I haven't been to the OBX in ages. :)

  3. Enjoy yourself - I've missed your posts, can't wait to see what you've been up to

  4. I am absolutely in love with the OBX!!! We used to go there all the time, but now that we are in GA, it's a little too far with 3 kids. Or at least thats what my hubby says.... I would drive forever to get there! :-)

  5. I have the 2nd from the bottom one- the expensive one- in my living room. They carry it at JoAnns so you can get it on sale or use a coupon. Just so you know for the future! I planned my whole living room around it because I love it! I know this is an old post, but I just wanted to chime in.

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